Who sacrifices their lunch hour to cab it from Yonge & Bloor to get to Front & Bathurst for a sample sale?!? That would be moi. I have been in search in one of those fur hooded jackets that I see all the ladies rocking and was prepared to spend the hefty price tag … no not really … who am I kidding … my husband would leave me and my family would disown me. The jacket I had my eye on retails for about $1195 … but isn’t she a beaut?? Meet Shauna, she also has a twin who’s in all black.


Photos courtesy of http://www.rudsak.com

I don’t know why I decided to Google Rudsak this morning … something just told me to … next thing I know an ad for a Sample Sale was listed in the Google search and click … there it was … starting Thursday November 21 until Sunday November 24 … I was like OMG that’s today! I have to go right now … no I can’t … DARN IT … I do have a job and have to go there first and it is only 8am … sale starts at 10am. Took an extremely early lunch to beat the lunch rush that would make my journey complicated. To my surprise there was no line up, the sample sale in Montreal apparently had a 30 minute wait to get in. I got in there and it was comfortable to walk around in. They had racks upon racks full of jackets, it was easy to find your size, every rack was labelled by size so you know where to look. They had quite the selection of coats, I was disappointed to learn that it was not their high end line … but RUD styled by RUDSAK … didn’t even know that existed. Maybe they did have some coats by their regular Rudsak line, I may have missed it … but all the coats I looked at were all by RUD. Thank you Rudsak for RUD making it somewhat affordable and definitely fashionable for the gals who can’t spend that hefty price tag.

Browsed for a bit and seen this lady wearing my Shauna … OMG … she’s even prettier in person … her fur was so fluffy … so full … so full of life and quickly asked the lady, where I can find the coat. My heart was racing … How did I miss this jacket, OMG … is it already sold out?!? Her response shattered my heart into a million pieces “Oh, this is from the regular store”. Well that totally sucked. I did find a jacket that I really liked … I couldn’t decide on a colour and a really nice lady saw me going back and forth between 2 colours … she helped me out with deciding on a colour … she tells me that the prices were extremely high compared to last year. She mentioned the coats were starting at $175 and how she bought 2!! OMG!! Wish I was aware of this sample sale!!

This is the jacket I ended up with … definitely cheaper … wwaaayyyy cheaper than my first love Shauna. It also comes in army green and black, I settled with the sand … thought it suited me best. Sale price: $250 Retail: $600 (If you pay cash you get 5% off).

(I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, the hubby was on his way out for his soccer game and didn’t give me his full attention)



What do you think? Belt or no belt?

Well it’s that time of year … my favourite time of year … WINTERLICIOUS!!! 3 course meals starting at about $15-25 for lunch and $30-$45 for dinner. I was determined to dine at Canoe as it always receives the best reviews and ranked #1 for Winterlicious. Restaurants were to start taking reservations for Winterlicious on January 10, but if you are an AMEX card holder, you had the advantage of calling in on January 8 or 9. Didn’t have an Amex … so I had to wait ’til January 10 to call in … set my alarm 5 mins before 9:00am so I could call and make resos. Getting through was not easy!! Thought 9am was the start time but it was 10am, so I called ByMark instead … got through with reservations for next Saturday night … Can’t wait!! Back to Canoe again … I felt like I was calling into a radio station … busy … busy … busy … for at least a half hour!! I was getting so irritated! I was ready to give up … put the phone down for a few minutes … I’M NOT GIVING UP … I NEED TO EAT HERE (I’m such a fatty)!!! Called Canoe again … busy again … and finally after 15 minutes I get through only to have to wait … after all that ringing, I have to stay on the line to keep my place … all of a sudden it went from calling into a radio station to Roger’s (you know how irritating that can be!!). I did manage to get reservations for February 3 dinner, had no idea it was Super Bowl that weekend (like that really matters to me) & that date didn’t work for some of the people I was going with. Canoe had originally had their restaurant closed for a private event on Saturday January 26, but were taking lunch & dinner reservations. I scooped up the last lunch reservation for that day. Check out their lunch menu:

Winter Green Salad
Charred Pear, Aged Cheddar & Caramelized Onion Vinaigrette
Roasted Squash & Parsnip Soup
Birch Yoghurt & Spiced Croutons
Sheep’s Milk Quark
Baby Greens, Beet Reduction & Crisps


Maple Braised Willowgrove Pork
Orecchiette, Crackling, Kale & Thunder Oak Gouda
Slow Cooked Ontario Brisket
Steel Cut Oats, Red Wine Cabbage & Cedar Pickled Mustard Seeds
Smoked Pan Seared Heritage Salmon
Wilted Greens, Horseradish Slaw, Wild Rice & Swede Broth


Maple Gingerbread Pudding
Cranberry Preserve & Scorched Citrus Crème Anglaise
Spiced Chocolate Panna Cotta
Marshmallow Graham Cracker Crumb
Almond Cake
Niagara Apple Compote & Salted Caramel Sauce

I started with the Winter Green Salad:

Sheep’s Milk Quark:

My main was Maple Braised Willowgrove Pork:
OMG!! Soooo delicious … I love my pasta!!

Slow Cooked Ontario Brisket:

My Dessert, Spiced Chocolate Panna Cotta:
I totally got sold on the description of this dessert … spiced, chocolate, graham cracker, marshmallow … made me think of S’mores … mmmm … Prairie Girl … S’more cupcakes… I have a problem … that damn sweet tooth of mine will be the death of me!!

Almond Cake:

That was a delicious meal, definitely worth $25!! I will eat here again, that’s for sure … next year!! I will make sure to get my credit in check so I can get approved for an AMEX in order to get early bird reservations for Winterlicious. I’m joking, I wouldn’t do that … I’m not that crazy … actually … yes … it’s a Chiara thing to do … when it comes to food … drastic measures must be made!! Check out their view, on the top floor of the TD Center … wining & dining to this:


My Canoe outfit (this photo was taken after dinner – hence the sleepy face):





Grey Chiffon Top: Winners ($19.99)

Jeans: James Jeans (Twiggy Jeans – Night Shade) purchased at Winners ($99)
My absolute favourite jeans, bought the same exact pair from Beyond The Rack for when the first pair dies.

Rabbit Fur Vest: Costa Blanca

Necklace: Banana Republic

Boots (for sale): Zara
I wore a similar looking boots to these. I obviously didn’t wear these today as you can see the tags are still on and that would be just so wrong!! LOL!!! For any takers out there. These are about 3-4 years old … Size 38. Paid as per tag … will take best offer for these boots. Email or message me on Facebook if interested. Pick up locations: Toronto (Financial District) or Mississauga (Square One or Erin Mills area).

Arm Swag: Michael Kors Watch, Orange Bow & Gold Spiked Bracelet (Obsessions – TD Center).

Nothing like rabbit fur to keep me warm at this time of the year!! Bugs Bunny would not be impressed … Lol!!!

I’ve been MIA with the blog posts because I’m a homeowner now & that’s where my time & $$ have gone to. Hopefully when my place is furnished to my liking I can blog about it. But for now my only splurge is the hat ($39) & scarf ($59) I scooped up on sale at Danier.


My absolute favorite piece, my rabbit fur vest. Purchased last year at Costa Blanca ($175 … I think?). Best investment ever!!


Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted!! Sorry guys!! Can’t believe Canada Day and Civic Holiday has passed and Labour or Labor Day (ya know what I mean!!) is just around the corner!!! Booohoooo!!! Well I’ve been out and about enjoying the weather … beach trips, BBQ’s, swimming, tennis and little partying here and there!!! I can’t even count how many heat waves Toronto’s had, but I definitely wish we were on that wave still. Can’t believe how drastically the temperature has dropped :( That hasn’t stopped me from wearing dresses, especially maxis!!! This is definitely my dress of the summer, I love the fit and in love with the colour combo. Loved it so much that I want to buy it another colour … nearly died when all was left was the yellow & white combo in XL, and found the colour I bought in my size at half the price with an addition 30% off … yeah FML. What surprised me most was that buying it didn’t cross my mind … as I type this post … come to think of it … why didn’t I buy it?!?! You know as a back up when the first one falls apart. What was I thinking?!?


Denim Jacket – Costa Blanca (I know what you’re thinking “there’s that denim jacket again!”

Chevron Maxi Dress – Gap $79.95 currently down to about $39.95 + 30% off

It’s been a while since I posted, it’s finally summer and definitely taking advantage of it!!! Been out and about, Grand Bend Beach, tennis, swimming and lots of BBQ’s. I HEART summer!!! The TD Irie Music Festival was this weekend at Square One Celebration Square. Saturday night featured Wayne Wonder which I missed because someone didn’t wake me up from my nap (*angry face). I was definitely not gonna miss Sunday’s performance by Bunji Garlin. The weather was not by our side, thought the rain had passed, but as soon as I got to Celebration Square more rain came totally pouring and delayed Bunji’s performance. By the time he got on stage it was about 6:30pm he only had until 7:00pm, Bunji’s performance was great … definitely a tough crowd to get hyped up. Biggest surprise was … got his wifey Fay-Ann Lyons on stage, but time was very limited … she sang maybe 5 lines and had to end the show at 7:10. You think with the rain, they coulda at least been a little lenient with the bloody time.

Thought I’d dress accordingly for the occasion, the colors of my dress definitely suited the event don’t cha think??


Denim Jacket ($39.50) & Printed dress ($39.50) – Costa Blanca

Since Friday was a staff day, I couldn’t name the title of this post Casual Friday. The office was closed due to the annual Staff Day. The ladies of the office were treated to a mani/pedi & light snack at Elmwood Spa and then a BBQ at the President’s home. The ladies started the day off with water therapy – made use of the salt water pool and whirpool. We were then off to get our nails did. I wasn’t too impressed with the mani/pedi, more so of the pedi. Maybe I was a little too sensitive, but felt the lady was a little rough with my toes. She even asked when the last time I had a pedicure done, was that insult?!? I really didn’t know how to answer that question … thought it was quite bold of her … hahaha. It must have been a few weeks since my last pedi, the weather has been great so it’s been open toe shoes/sandals for quite some time now. For our light snack, we had the option of selecting a smoothie and wrap from their menu. I ordered a blueberry & mint smoothie and a grilled chicken wrap. I’m not really a fan of smoothies, but the grilled chicken wrap was great!! I’ve been to the 100 Fountain Spa located at the Pillar and Post on Niagara on The lake which is named as Canada’s #1 Spa (from what I’ve been told), so my expectations were a little high from Elmwood Spa. But the thing about 100 Fountain Spa is that their nail polish is VEGAN!!! No chemicals in it whatsoever, which meant that it took wwaaaayyy longer than regular polish to dry. I didn’t get use of their 3 pools – an outdoor pool, saltwater pool and a natural springs pool … yeah I was definitely peeved about not being able to take advantage of their water therapies.

The dress below was purchased last year from H&M for $19.95!!! Definitely, the DEAL OF THE YEAR!!! A co-worker had shown it me and a few others some time in late February. About 4 of us made a trip to Yorkdale specifically for that dress … in a SNOW STORM. A trip well worth it!!!

The photo below was taken when I went to see Cirque Du Soleil – Totem last September. Just in case you were wondering why I’m so tanned compared to the above photos.


I finally gave in to the peplum craze. I was very iffy about this dress because I’m not really a big fan of peplum … well at least how it looks on me. The good thing about peplum is that it hides my muffin top of a belly. I’m a little speechless with this outfit … I don’t know what else I can say about it … thought I’d give it a try … didn’t look bad as I thought it would … changed and made my way to the register and tttaaadddddaaaaa!!!


Printed peplum dress – Costa Blanca $32.50

Beige blazer – H&M $59.50

Belt – Banana Republic $60

Shoes – Aldo

Brown leather purse – Coach


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